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Fuente urbana FHU-02 en acero galvanizado


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Made of galvanised and thermo-lacquered steel combinated with stainless steel.

Suitable for everyone and theire faithful pets.
Accesible for wheelchairs.
Download: Fuente Universo FHU-02



Universal drinking fountain for persons and pets.

Customized, wheelchair accesible drinking fountains for everyone.

Thanks to the height of the upper dish, it is also avaiable for children.

Drinking fountain FHU-02 provides durability, aesthetic and funcionality. Made of galvanised and thermo-coated steel, combinated with stainless steel AISI 304 (dishes and the optional central trim) , it is avaiable in our colours RAL.

Some of its technical characteristics: lack of breakdowns, time-delayed taps with soft pulsation, adjustable and protected water exit, hidden stopcocks and adjusting spanners to prevent vandalism.

Martín Mena's customized drinking fountains are ideals for sports centres, squares and gardens, promenades, swimming pools, campings, areas of momunents, schools and universities, railway or bus stations, airports, disabled accesses, homes for elderly, playgrounds, newly constructed promenades, etc.

It is deal for dog friendly beaches!



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