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Legal Notice and Conditions


In order to comply with the provisions in Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, services of information society and electronic commerce, REPRESENTACIONES MARTÍN MENA S.L. (here in after “MARTÍN MENA”) provides them with the following general information:

Registered office: Avda. Primero de Mayo, 53 – 17th (46017 – Valencia – SPAIN).

In order to provide more and better benefits to users through Internet, MARTIN MENA user provides different services and products on the website of his property, and such services will be offered to users of the portal according to the following conditions.


1. Access to the site shall be governed by and subject to the general conditions detailed below.

2.The media of any kind necessary for the use of the Services by you are not part of the Services which provides MARTIN MENA.

3.The user, unless authorized by prior express written MARTIN MENA, you agree to use the information contained in the Portal services exclusively for their own needs and not to directly or indirectly, any commercial use of the Services to have access to. The user undertakes not to use the facilities and contents of the Service to make or suggest activities prohibited by law or to try to attract customers to other competing services. Also, the user has responsibility to disclose and ensure compliance with these conditions to any person authorized by him to make use of the Portal services. The user shall refrain from any conduct or activity in the use of portal resources that violates intellectual property rights and industrial MARTIN MENA or others, or involves a violation of the honor, privacy or personal or family MENA MARTIN image, its employees, partners and / or others, or that are illegal or violate morality. User shall keep harmless any case MARTIN MENA against any claims, judicial or extrajudicial made against MARTIN MENA as a result of improper, unlawful or illegal use of the Services of the site by the user or others for whom it should respond.

4.The user assumes expressly his responsibility for the consequences, damages or actions arising out of access to content and / or portal services, as well as their reproduction and dissemination, with or without permission from their rightful owner.

5. 5. MARTIN MENA shall at all times respect for the law in force and shall be entitled to terminate, at its sole discretion, the Services or immediately terminate the relationship with the user in case of alleged commission, complete or incomplete, one of crimes or offenses punishable under the Penal Code, or in case of observing any conduct which is considered by MARTIN MENA are contrary to morals, order, decency or the internal rules of MARTIN MENA or its employees or to disturb the good performance, image, credibility and / or prestige of MARTIN MENA, employees or partners.

6.MARTIN MENA is not responsible for loss, theft or misappropriation of private keys or passwords or misuse by users of the information and / or portal services, or personal content captured or appropriate in bad faith by thirds.

7. MARTIN MENA reserves the right to modify or alter the terms and conditions. In this case, MARTIN MENA inform users of changes taking place. Also, Martin MENA reserves the right to cancel any of the provided Services, as well as to cease, in his case, in providing free them.

8.These general conditions are subject to Spanish law and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with this regardless of country or region of origin of the portal user. Any amendment, modification and / or correction to these general conditions shall be binding and effective only by MARTIN MENA who will verificate in writing their acceptance and signature. If for any reason a court or tribunal declared void or otherwise of any part of these general conditions, the remaining provisions will continue to have full effect.

9.Any dispute arising from the interpretation and / or execution of these conditions shall be settled by the courts of Valencia, to whose jurisdiction submit MARTIN MENA and the user. MARTIN MENA recomends to print out the general conditions listed above and store in their power.


1. Introduction

The general sale conditions described below ( general Conditions) govern only the contractual relationship between any user of the Web page martinmena.es ( in subsequent “User” or “You”) and the seller, which is Representations company Limited Mena Martín, residing at Avenida Primero de Mayo, 53-17 a of Valencia – Spain (hereinafter “MARTIN MENA”) and owner of Martinmena.es portal.
These general conditions of sale are the only ones applicable and replace any other general condition, except in case of prior expressing cancelltion by writting. MARTIN MENA may occasionally modify the terms of their general conditions, so it is advisable that they will be read at each visit the website Martinmena.es (hereinafter “Site”). Every purchase on the website is governed by the general conditions applicable at the time of order. We believe that once you have placed an order,it will be accepted without our terms of sale after having read them.
Accediendo al Portal, usted se compromete a respetar las Condiciones Generales así como las normas de utilización que figuran en las mismas.

2. Ordering

We offer the following ways to order:
– Online at our website: www.martinmena.es (24h/day, every day)
– By email to: tienda@martinmena.es
– By phone at the number provided on the principle page of the Website (national call rate, check with your operator)
– By mail accompanied by a sense of order and mode of payment to the following address: Representaciones Martin Mena SL, On-line Sales. Avda. Primero de Mayo, 53 – 17th (46017 – Valencia) – fax Number 96 357 75 76. We will confirm receipt by email.

3. Product Information

MARTÍN MENA pays great attention to information on the essential characteristics of the products by technical descriptions from partner companies and manufacturers, and photographs illustrating the products. All this is done within the limits of technology by respecting the best market standards.

4. Prices

The sale prices listed on the Site are in Euros. VAT is included in these prices, but not the cost of shipping service. The shipping service costs are paying by the user and added to the total amount of the selected products. You will be notified of such costs before confirming the order and complete the hiring process.
We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. However, we are committed to applying the current rates listed on the Portal at the time of placing your order.

5. Availability

Please note that orders will be shipped within the limits of available stock.
If one of the items ordered was not in stock, we promise to email you as soon as possible (from the date you placed the order) to tell the time in which we can send your product(s) . In case you were not interested in waiting, you can request a refund of any amounts paid by the product, will return within 30 days.

6. Peculiarity of delivery and periods of delivery

The order will be sent to the address indicated at the time you made your purchase.
MARTIN MENA offers the following shipping options:

1. The Standard Shipping
Opting for this type of shipment you will receive your order in about 5 / 10 working days (provided the goods are in stock) by a carrier or courier of recognized prestige. The cost of this type of shipment will depend on the selected item and be informed of them before completing the purchase process.
MARTÍN MENA makes all possible to respect the periods of delivery list on the site. However, MARTÍN MENA is not responsible for the consequences of a shipping delay or a loss of packet caused by people outside the transportation contract o for yourself or for reasons or causes unforeseen or insurmountable force majeure. On the other hand, the mode of payment chosen by you may affect delivery times (see clause 7)
In case you do not receive a package in time, will conduct an investigation with the carrier that could last several days (the time is approximately fourteen (14) days). During this period, you can not make any forwarding or refund the order.
We advise you receive your package check that everything is OK with your order and in perfect condition. If you do not agree with the items delivered or the status thereof, write or indicate in the carrier’s delivery note anomalies found upon receiving.

7. Methods of payment

MARTIN MENA currently makes available a method of payment: bank transfer.

A) Bank transfer.
You must make the transfer into the account indicated appropriately. IMPORTANT: Because the concept of the transfer must indicate only the reference of the payment of the required product

8. Guarantees and After Sales Service (SPV)

8.1 Legal Compliance Assurance:
Under the provisions of Royal Decree 1 / 2007, all products sold by MARTIN MENA benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity which lasts two years for products.

However, only if the defect or lack of compliance is evident during the first six months, it is understood that the fault existed when the product was delivered, unless proven otherwise or when this presumption is incompatible with the nature of product or the nature of the lack of conformity.
If the lack of conformity becomes apparent after those first six months, you’re the one that, in order to use the warranty, you must show that the problem is of the factory and has not been the result of misuse or over time. To do this, we suggest ordering a survey, which cost shall be borne, to specify the cause of non-compliance and if it was caused by misuse or not from the device. If it is demonstrated that the fault is from the factory, you will be entitled to benefit from the guarantee.
Ensuring compliance means that products must meet the following requirements, unless the circumstances of the case one of them is not applicable:
a) Conform to the description given by MARTIN MENA and possess the qualities of the product MARTIN MENA report was submitted to you as a sample or model. b) They are suitable for the uses to which the products are normally used of the same type. c) Are fit for any particular purpose required by you when I have known to MARTIN MENA at the time of conclusion of the contract, provided that MARTÍN MENA has admitted that the product is suitable for such use.
d) showing the quality and typical benefits of a product of the same type that you can reasonably expect, taking into account of the nature of the product, in this case, of public statements on the specific characteristics of the products made by MARTIN MENA, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or labeling. MARTÍN MENA will not be obligated to any such public statements if did not known and could not reasonably be expected to know the statement in question showing that the statement had been corrected at the time of conclusion of the contract or that the statement could not influence on the decision to buy the product.
There shall not be liability for lack of conformity that the consumer and user knew or could not reasonably be unaware at the time of the contract or have their origin in materials supplied by the consumer and user.
To benefit from the assurance of conformity it has to discharge the above requirements and contact our Customer Service through tienda@martinmena.es.
If the product is not in conformity with the contract, you may choose between demanding of the repair or replacement, unless one of these two options is impossible or disproportionate (that option is considered disproportionate to impose compared to other MARTÍN MENA costs that are unreasonable, taking into account that which would be the product if there was no lack of conformity, the relevance of non-compliance and whether the alternative remedy could be done without inconvenience to you).
If the product can not be repaired and can not be replaced with same type, it will have the option to request the reduction in price, repayment of the credit or the ability to replace the product with another (feature not identical) which you can choose yourself. This does not include defects caused by neglect, beatings, use or misuse, stress unsuitable, improper installation not performed by tecnical service or materials subject to wear from normal use.

8.2 Commercial Warranty Manufacturer:
All products selling by MARTÍN MENA include official warranty of producer, besides of manufacturing defects also covers possible damage caused during the warranty period.
Note that most manufacturers have effective repair services near you or through their online support site or even in your own home. Many incidents are resolved using the guidelines in these media without returning the product to a service. We strongly recommend that you consult your product documentation or the manufacturer’s online support where you specify the data contract of warranty, problem solving, action steps, deadlines, coverage etc…
In case, when MARTÍN MENA undertakes to repair a thing with the corresponding brand authorized repair facility, shipping charges of returning will be paid by himself (unless it is a case of lack of conformity of origin).
MARTIN MENA will restrict to apply to conditions established under the warranties of each manufacturer.

8.3 Overview of commercial manufacturers warranties, MARTIN MENA:

8.3.1 The warranties do not apply to the following cases:
• The deterioration created by adaptations or adjustments (other than normal operating adjustments) or modifications of a product without written agreement with the manufacturer.
• Costs related to periodic maintenance, repair or replacement of parts for normal wear. The replacement of normal wear consumables (batteries, bulbs, fuses, deterioration of recording heads or reading …).
• Damage created by improper use, including:
or misuse of the product or failure to comply with the manufacturer regarding the use and maintenance of the product
or improper installation or incorrect program
• Damage caused by persons not accredited by the users themselves
• Damage caused by accidents, lightning, floods, fires, poor ventilation or any other cause than the fault of the manufacturer
• Damage caused by failure of the system in which the product may be incorporated
• If the model or serial number on the product have been modified
• Breakdown of accessories (power cables …)
• Those products and defects repaired by technical service or MARTÍN MENA recognized by the manufacturer.
8.3.2 MARTIN MENA always carries their products to an authorized repair by the manufacturer. In any case, MARTÍN MENA accepts no responsibility if the design applied workshop rejects such a guarantee for the reasons set out in paragraph
8.3.3 In the event that the product is considered irreparable, can not be repaired or the cost of repair is disproportionate to its value, replace it with another exactly the same. Not possible the latter will offer a product with identical characteristics or higher.

9. Litigation and liability

MARTÍN MENA is not responsible for the realization of these conditions in cases of force major and of the absence of the client or an unforeseen action of a person outside the contract.
Please note that it is advisable to keep a copy of the data contained in the bought products. MARTÍN MENA is not responsible for any loss of data, files, or generally, for any damage resulted from a failure of backup by the user of the data contained in the acquire products

MARTÍN MENA is not responsible for the consequences that may result from improper use of products sold on the site.


In compliance with Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the data collected in this form will be included in a database of non-automated and automated processing. This information will become part of a database in order to manage the registration of users on the website of the federation as well as services provided through it. The refusal to provide requested data makes it impossible to provide any type of service request.
It is reported that the entity REPRESENTACIONES MARTÍN MENA S.L., con CIF B-97923841, is the File Manager, having its domicile in Avda. Primero de Mayo, number 53 – 17th in Valencia. You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to the File at the above address or via our web contact form, accompanied by his ID card or other official identification document, specifying the right you want to exercise. Also, you authoriza the use of such data to receive MARTIN MENA, by any means, promotional information about products and services offered by the Responsible Fichero.Vd. can oppose the use of their advertising data for the purposes stated above indicating an X in this section.


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