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Representaciones Martin Mena

At first, my warmest greetings and thanks for visiting MARTINMENA.ES
I'm Martin Mena, commercial long professional career devoted to the sale.

Nine years ago I ventured to become independent professionally, this is for one purpose: TO PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE FOR A CUSTOMER. My argument was the following: More than I am a seller I like to denominate myself as a adviser of purchasings, which is the best seller.

More important is the customer. You have to solve their shopping problems, though it does not mean to realize a sale. The object is to create a loyal customer returning in the future who will trust our company.

Selling is not just signing a contract, but we must keep track of the whole process: periods of delivery, shipping, technical advising, installation and servicing. This is delegated to various departments of my represented companies by the responsible business subject.
An official representative of sales of my companies, has great advantages for the potential buyer:

  • - Better prices, no extra cost in the price of the product, cost structure of the represented company.
  • - Billing, technical advising and direct guarantees from the factory.


We are a network of freelance selling agents, the longstanding companies that can not assume the cost structure, business, marketing and promotional purposes. These ones, we assume, creating a perfect synergy between the both. And it is not only to supply the product, but to create an interdisciplinary team to provide a comprehensive service for every customer. From January 2009, we are now distributors and manufacturers of municiple movables, which specializes in fabrication of steel cut.
And customization of urban facilities, made in Spain
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Martín Mena