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TRAZADOR DE LÍNEAS-Carro marcaje – 4 ruedas

(IVA y portes no incluidos)




1) - SMartín Mena® offers you two solutions of high quality:

Line marking applicator

2) La

Essential for fast and easy line marking.

A strong & stable steel applicator producing professional quality 80mm wide straight lines.

Features a removable galvanised steel paint mist shield, ensuring clean edges to lines and to aid cleaning. 

Line marker trolley


- The line marker trolley has 4 rubber wheels for perfect stability and straight lines. 
- Two aerosols may be used at the same time to give a double coating and line width can adjustment from 40 to 120 mm. The aerosol may also be mounted to the left or right of the trolley for line marking against walls. 
- The trolley also features a separate compartment to store 4 extra cans and an ergonomic push handle with spray trigger.



- Un ele

Información adicional

Peso 16 kg

Máquinas trazadoras de líneas

Tres formas sencillas y económica, con un soporte perfecto para el trazado puntual de líneas.

De gran utilidad en parking, polideportivos, industrias, almacenes…